You sense the strength throughout the refined body design. You can feel the dynamic power of Toyota's renowned high performance engines. The unrivaled durability and a solid stable frame are perfect for the needs of a new era in physical distribution

Designed to set new standards. Dyna combines the rugged strength, ample performance and high level of comfort.

Driving Performance


The nimble Dyna 150 is fitted with a proven 3 liter diesel engine, which delivers high engine power of 66kw @ 4000rpm. Its handling capabilities make operations in and around the city a breeze. The Toyota Dyna's clean burning diesel engine achieves a Euro 2 emissions status. Anti-lock Braking System ABS prevents wheels from locking during emergency braking, therefore ensuring that the vehicle does not slip or become unstable. This ensures responsive steering during braking.




The Toyota Dyna makes use of the R425,5 speed manual transmission with final drive ratio matched to the engine and Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM)of 3500Kg




Front The Toyota Dyna has a double wishbone torsion bar suspension with double acting shock absorbers in the front. Rear In the rear, leaf spring suspension with double acting shock absorbers is used. Leaf spring suspension provides ample strength and excellent durability, perfect for hauling large loads.




Front The Toyota Dyna Features single piece steel 6 stud wheels. There are 7 wheels including the spare wheel which is located on the rear Chassis. Tubless type tyres improve ride comfort and stability.



Exterior Design

Halogen Multi-reflector Headlights

New Halogen multi-reflector headlights are standard in the dyna 150.Clear outer lenses add to the visual appeal of the vehicle,while also improving visibility for the driver


Radiator Grille

The improved radiator grille enhances the airflow to improve cooling The front bumper was designed to symbolise the new standards of strength and durability,set by Dyna.The design is further enhanced by the three piece front panel.

Interior Design


Comfortable seats for the driver and passengers with easy-to-clean fabric.
The seat material is improved and is aesthetically pleasing.

Cup Holders

Dyna 150 comes standard with two cup holders for driver
and passenger convenience

Glove Box

The Glove box has been designed for the convenient and safe storage of
items,and offers ample space.


Towing Capacity(braked)
Tyre Size
Front Suspension
Double Wishbone
Rear Suspension
Leaf Spring
Front Brake
Rear Brake
Drum(2 leading)
Steering Gear
Rack & Pinion
Steering Column Adjustments
Tilt & Telescopic
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